Selling on Shopapolitan

Shopapolitan is a free to use e-commerce enabled platform that allows entrepreneurs/SMMEs to access global markets completely electronically. The platform is completely free to use as it operates on a commision model, meaning as a seller you only pay Shopapolitan commission for items sold through the platform. There are NO UPFRONT FEES, NO MONTHLY FEES, NO ADMIN FEES. Choosing to sell with Shopapolitan is the best decision for any entrepreneur/SMME trying to gain access to global markets by leveraging e-commerce technology, because with Shopapolitan you have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

Therefore no sales = no cost = no risk for the seller. 

Additional benefits of selling on Shopapolitan:

  1. Gain free access to global markets
  2. Tap into an already exisitng e-commerce infrastructure 
  3. Mobile compatible webstore 
  4. Customer usage and data analytics
  5. Marketing & advertising of the products sold on the webstore
  6. E-commerce end-to-end administration
  7. Payment gateway intergration
  8. Warehousing and distribution management
  9. Fully equipped, staffed and safe distribution centre
  10. Human Operational Capital


Selling application criteria and required documents:

  • Must be a CIPC registered company -
    • Provide the registration documents
  • Must provide personal FICA documentation
  • VAT information where applicable
  • Must be selling a non-perishable product
  • Must be go-to-market ready, meaning you must be able to produce the product and provide a minimum order quantity of 30-50 items to be shipped to our DC as an initial order
  • Must provide relevant product info -
    • Description
    • Name
    • Pictures of the product
    • Price
  • Must have a valid bank account to which proceeds from sale will be paid –
    • Proof of banking to be sent to Shopapolitan
  • Must sign the webstore administrator agreement (Part of onboarding pack that will be sent to the seller once application has been approved)

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