About Us

Shopapolitan is an online e-commerce platform founded, owned, and operated by Summit Technology Group (STG).

STG is a fresh, exciting, and proudly South African 4IR-technology oriented business that aims to bring affordable, accessible and unconventional technological innovations to the mass market. The business was founded by an empire-building dreamer and CEO, Mo Malele, and an idea-generating machine and COO, Adrian Maloney. Mo and Adrian are the mind, body, and soul of this organisation; it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they are the business, and the business is them!

As a business, our aim is to provide marginalised communities, such as townships, with innovative and affordable tech-based solutions that help bring them online and experience the benefits of a digitised society.

As a platform, our goal is to give sellers access to global markets while providing buyers with access to a wide array of products. We aim to cater to businesses of all types and sizes – from backroom entrepreneurs trying to gain access to markets, to multinational companies trying to tap into new audiences. Ultimately, we want to create new markets that improve the lives of both sellers and buyers.

As people, we believe in collaboration and shared value creation. We live by the philosophy that your growth is our growth, and our growth is your growth. The end goal here is to create exponential growth that is shared with everyone within our ecosystem, and even the world.

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